Papers Presented 2019 “The Pacific Northwest in a German World: Travel Accounts, Ethnographies, and Exhibits, 1885–1905.” German Studies Association, Forty-Third Annual Conference (Portland, OR). 6 October. 2018 “Anxious Germans: War, Caricature, and American Empire, 1914–1918.” German Studies Association, Forty-Second Annual Conference (Pittsburgh, PA). 29 September. 2018 “Latvians as Cold Warriors: Diaspora Latvians Visiting the SovietContinue reading “Conferences”

Guest Lectures and Presentations

2019 “The Next Generation of Latvian-Canadian Diaspora.” Invited panelist to the Latvia Symposium, organized by the International Studies Program at Glendon College (York University, Toronto). 29 March. (Link) “The ABC’s of New Imperialism, 1880–1920.” Lecture presented to HISB93H3 at UTSC. 28 March. 2018 “‘Es pieveru acis un rakstu’: Vēstules, deficīta preces un latvieši pasaulē, 1970–1990.”Continue reading “Guest Lectures and Presentations”