Courses Taught

As of Spring 2022. I’ve taught three undergraduate courses as a sole instructor (Lecturer). Spanning three departments and two institutions, my teaching speaks to my collaborative pedagogical drive and my interdisciplinarity. DTS 401: Advanced Topics in Diaspora and Transnational Studies: Here and Home: Confronting Family History. This course was taught in person in Winter 2021Continue reading “Courses Taught”

Guest Lectures and Presentations

2019 “The Next Generation of Latvian-Canadian Diaspora.” Invited panelist to the Latvia Symposium, organized by the International Studies Program at Glendon College (York University, Toronto). 29 March. (Link) “The ABC’s of New Imperialism, 1880–1920.” Lecture presented to HISB93H3 at UTSC. 28 March. 2018 “‘Es pieveru acis un rakstu’: Vēstules, deficīta preces un latvieši pasaulē, 1970–1990.”Continue reading “Guest Lectures and Presentations”