Papers Presented


“The Pacific Northwest in a German World: Travel Accounts, Ethnographies, and Exhibits, 1885–1905.” German Studies Association, Forty-Third Annual Conference (Portland, OR). 6 October.


“Anxious Germans: War, Caricature, and American Empire, 1914–1918.” German Studies Association, Forty-Second Annual Conference (Pittsburgh, PA). 29 September.

2018 “Latvians as Cold Warriors: Diaspora Latvians Visiting the Soviet Union (1981–1991).” The 2018 Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies Conference (Stanford). 3 June.

2018 “Careful Memories: The Journeys of Diaspora Latvians to the Soviet Union (1970–1990).” 97th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historian Association (Regina, SK). 30 May.


“‘We Would Arrive with Two Full Suitcases and Leave with Only One’: The Circulation of Objects in Diaspora Memories and Communities (1970–1990).” 42nd Annual Social Science History Association (Montreal). 2–5 November.

“Paths to Empire: The Production and Mobilization of Historical Narratives by Baltic German Émigrés, 1905-1918.” 27th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (New York). 5 May.

“The ‘Germanic cultural sphere’: Religion and German Historical Narratives of Imperial Expansion in Eastern Europe, 1914-1918.” Ecclesiastic History Society Winter Meeting 2017 (Cambridge, UK). 14 January.


“A German Dominium maris Baltici? Baltic German Historical Narratives of Imperial Expansion in Eastern Europe, 1914–1918.” Peace and War in the Baltic, Elmar Tampold Graduate Student Conference (Toronto, ON). 2 December.

“German Narratives of the Baltic Sea: Drawing the German Line in Eastern Europe, 1911-1917.” German Studies Association, Fortieth Annual Conference (San Diego, CA). 30 September.

“At Home in a Suitcase; At Home in a Collection? Isolating Artefacts from the Narrative of Latvian Exile.” Archival Collections in Exile: Making and Remaking Images of Home Abroad (Herder Institute Workshop, Marburg, DE). 24 February 2016.


“A War Behind the Front Lines: Competing Geographic Imaginations of the Baltic Provinces 1915-1918.” 11th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe (Marburg, DE). 8 September 2015.

“Images of antisemitism: The anti-Semitic political cartoons of Hermann Wagener and Max Bewer (1848-1900).” Qualicum Graduate Student Conference (Parksville, BC). 31 January 2015.

Other Roles and Activities


Panel Chair: “Textual Interpretation and Identity Formation.” Graduate Conference for the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto. 30 April.


Workshop Participant: “Propaganda, Civic Education—Drawing Comics from Propaganda Posters.” War or Peace: Crossroads of History 1918–2018 (Berlin). 18–20 October.

Panel Chair: “Constructing Memory, Encountering Spaces.” 14th Annual Graduate History Symposium (University of Toronto, Toronto, ON). 10 May.


Panel Author and Organizer: “The In-Security of Immigration: National Security, Immigration, and Politics in the Cold War.” 42nd Annual Social Science History Association (Montreal). 5 November 2017.

Panel Chair and Moderator: “Between the Lines: Readers and Reading in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia.” Canadian Association of Slavists Annual Conference 27 (Ryerson University, Toronto, ON). 29 May.

Panel Moderator: “Memory, Commemoration, and Resistance.” 13th Annual Graduate History Symposium (University of Toronto, Toronto, ON). 12 May.


Panel Chair: “Historical Narrative and Resistance: Negotiating the Present by Mobilizing the Past.” The 23rd Annual Symposium of the Soyuz Research Network for Post-socialist Cultural Studies (Seattle, WA). 1 March 2015.

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