Antoinette Burton, A Primer for Teaching World History: Review

Antoinette Burton’s A Primer for Teaching World History (2011) is a collection of her thoughts and strategies on teaching world history by a prominent imperial historian. It touches on the difficulty of creating a world history course and the never-ending process of experimentation and adjustment that goes on behing the syllabus. Burton gives suggestions on how to structure such courses (Chapters 1-4); the variety of teaching strategies you can employ (Chapters 5-7); and the instruments you can use to teach and test your students (Chapters 8-10). It’s a rather short read (ca. 130 pages), but packed with suggestions.

Burton was assigned for a seminar in spring 2015 and it stuck with me ever since. Many of the “on-the-ground” suggestions I used when I was a Teaching Assistant at UBC and Burton’s approach to course structures have influenced my draft syllabi (you can see them here).

Read this book if: You are a Professor, instructor, teacher or TA, or interested in pedagogy.

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