Teach, in development

I am slowly developing two other courses. I would like to get your thoughts and comments on either of them.

One course is a 300-level German history course from ca. 1848-1933 (similar to one I just finished). Instead of weekly themes, the lectures would follow the lives of two individuals who were born and died around 1848 and 1933, respectively. These two individuals would be of different class and gender background and their lives would be the vehicle through which to discuss the substantial changes the German speaking lands experienced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I am currently thinking of how to organize the course and how to structure readings.

Another course is a 300 or 400 level seminar on central and eastern European empires. It approaches the historical development of Mitteleuropa (as a concept and as a geo-political goal) from the Frankish Kingdom to the Eurozone through the lens of imperial history (Burbank and Cooper’s Empires in World History is my main influence, my review here). The first third or quarter of the seminar will provide the theoretical and methodological foundations, which we apply to later case studies.