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Chernobyl, Ukraine: July 2015.

I’m a PhD candidate in the department of history at the University of Toronto.

My dissertation looks at German scientists, diplomats, and travellers moving across British, American, Russian, and Japanese imperial boundaries in the Northern Pacific Ocean during the “first era of globalization” (ca. 1870–1920).

My main research interests are modern European history; imperial and national histories; and German, Latvian, and Russian history. My side projects touch on personal and family archives; place-making; and civilian experiences of war. I’m also interested in teaching and pedagogy.

If you’re here for my CV, you can see it here.

Outside of academia, I’m interested in photography, videography, and design, all of which I do on the side.

You can contact me here or by email at bredovsk [at] gmail [dot] com.



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My Writing Desk, University of Toronto: August 2019.